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Unfortunately, most musicians just plain suck at self-promotion and social media.

Most don’t know how to connect with the right people and stand out and their careers suffer because of it.

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Learn to create and optimize high-ROI social media campaigns to explode your fan base for both organic and paid social efforts


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Understand and exploit the Spotify algorithms to rise above other artists in your niche, get more plays, follows and saves


Discover the formula to successfully promote your music without seeming hype-y or desperate


Get the master list of 750+ blogs & playlists that are hungry for new sounds (Just use our templates to reach out to them!)


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– Jack, Night Without Cars / Parris Mitchell

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About The Academy Creator: Meet Anthony Pacheco


It wasn’t long ago that my band, Dwellings, wasn’t signed by any label. We had a small but loyal fan base, but we just weren’t growing. I know now it was because we were camouflaging in with every other band. We weren’t memorable, we had no strategy, and in a sea of sameness, we definitely didn’t stand out.

But after more experimenting, learning and failing than I’d care to admit, we eventually chiseled out a system that worked. In the span of one year, we won features in Alternative Press, New Fury Media, and even charted Billboard on our debut album.

Our Spotify plays and social media numbers simultaneously exploded.

And we quickly sold more tickets, moved more merch, and actually started to make fans.

I’m now bringing the exact same tools to you, totally fluff-free and ready to use.

In fact, you can just copy-paste most of it and start making progress TODAY.

If you’re ready to grow, click below, and let’s take your music career to the next level.

– Anthony

Unlimited access to the entire Academy for just $27 per month!

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